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Some Tips for Saving Money on Airfare and Booking Hotel

Rationally planned journey can turn out to be not only a fine travelling memory, it can be also a pleasant experience of saving money. In fact, two the most expensive parts of the ideal trip: accommodation and airfare can be reduced and save money for travel, if you follow our list of advices.

  1. Prior booking saves
    It is advised to book the tickets three and a half months before the journey for domestic flights and five and a half for international flights, it is also easier to find cheap hotel in vain;
  2. Shopping around the sites
    Look around the sites and compare the fares, keep in mind that so-called „lowcost airlines“ do not always provide the best prices, and you must be very careful with really cheap air tickets you come across: total price can increase when all fees and blackout dates are assumed, mark the final line;
  3. Choose direct booking
    Direct booking on airline?s website in most cases is a profitable deal, because any booking system charge some extra fee for the service. Because of this reason, many airlines try to motivate the consumers to buy airtickets directly from the airline;
  4. Flex your dates and avoid weekends
    Be flexible by planning, try to avoid high seasons when all the vacationers fly out and dates close to holidays. Also when possible try not to plan your flight since Friday evening till Monday morning, it is the most demanded time for flying for all types of passengers;
  5. Make Tuesday afternoon` s deal
    Travel guides notice that the lowest prices are available on Tuesday at 3 p.m. when you have a chance to to find tickets of a special price before they are bought out by other money savers;
  6. Catch your special offer
    It can be helpful to sign up for the alerts of airlines sales, so you will be aware of the deals when they appear. Actually in this alerts you can also get a nice package discount: airfare and accommodation packed together in one special offer. You will be limited in choosing place of journey and a certain hotel, but your bonus can be really incredible;
  7. Markable tip for groups: book in pairs
    Book in pairs by group planning, it can cost extra to buy some seats together simultaneously, but booking in pairs is always advantageous. When booking hotels or taking package deal of flight+hotel, it works as well.

So making your journey unforgettable is really not a great concern, begin with saving money on flight and hotel stay and you will afford much more by travelling.

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